Best Online Video Poker UK

UK online casinos offer a comprehensive collection of video poker games that can be played for real money. Video poker is widely referred to as a game of chance because dealing of cards involves a random number generator. However, the player has to apply knowledge and a video poker strategy in order to make the most of the game. Video poker games have lots of variations and each variation also has a few types, and this makes the entire collection of video poker almost inexhaustible. UK players are encouraged to read our online casino reviews to locate the most appropriate destination with many suitable video poker games.

At a glance: How to play video poker

At the beginning of a round, the player first has to place a bet that is normally £1 and higher. Every round is comprised of two card deals. After wagering, the player clicks Deal and receives five face-up cards. Then new video poker players should watch at the pay chart posted on the same screen as the cards and find out if there is a winning hand available in the current cards. In many games, the cards that are part of any winning hand are highlighted in one way or another. To get ready for the second deal, a player has to choose the cards he would like to hold.

Holding one to five cards means that the remainder will be discarded and exchanged for a new batch randomly before the play continues. When the five cards as part of the second deal finally appear, the player either loses the original bet if no winning hands have been formed, or wins the round if there is a winning combination as envisaged in the pay chart. The player then gets a reward in accordance with the pay chart (in £, $, Bitcoin or other currency, depending on player’s settings in the online casino).

Card combinations and the best payouts in video poker games

There are around 10 card combinations in every video poker game but the exact number varies across game types, and this is especially important when you play video poker for real money. A typical pay chart shows payouts arranged from the largest to smallest. At the bottom, there is normally Two Pairs (it pays 1 to 1). At the top, classic versions display Royal Flush (five consecutive same-suited cards with the highest being ace) that usually awards 250 to 4000 times the initial bet.

Note that the highest payout is conferred when wagering five coins. As for other combinations in video poker online, payouts inside one winning hand increase proportionally from 1 to 5 coins. The implication is that UK players are advised to always wager five coins so as to try to win the top jackpot prize.

Some video poker variations have unusual winning hands, for example, Jacks or Better (a pair of jacks qualifies for a payout), Tens or Better (similar to the above), Four Face Cards of a Kind, Diamond Royal Flush (a royal flush made of 10 through A of diamonds), etc.

Payouts for many winning hands vary slightly or widely and even the same video poker game has payout variations in the collection of the same provider. There is a special term “full pay” which denotes a game inside one variation that features the best payouts and therefore the highest player returns. For example, in the Jacks or Better variation, a full pay video poker is the one that awards 9:1 for Full House and 6:1 for Flush.

With this in mind, players should pick the games that display the best pays across the entire chart, not only its top lines. Players from the United Kingdom have tons of choices when it comes to picking an online casino (or a mobile casino as well) with a decent assortment of video poker games. Some of the best casinos are reviewed on this website.

Video poker variations in UK online casinos

Experts have counted over 200 types of video poker offered at the moment and some of them have progressive jackpots or other kinds of bonus. In recent years, there emerged multi-hand video poker online that is played with up to 100 hands at a time. Thus selecting say a £0.25 bet per deal, a player would wager £25 on 100 hands at a time. Anyway, some of the most popular video poker games at the moment include (but not limited to) Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Pick’em Poker, Aces and Faces, Joker Poker and many others. Each version has its own specific rules and requires a special video poker strategy to be applied for UK players to make decent profits.