Best Online Roulette UK

Roulette in all its varieties, including its digitalized form, also known as online roulette, has always been a popular choice for many UK gamblers. Sedate rotation of the wheel, knocking of the ball bouncing inside the wheel, chips scattered on the table - all of these attributes are associated with the calm, relaxing air of gambling parlours that allowed entry of a restricted circle of VIPs. These days, online roulette is indiscriminately available to everyone who has a computer or mobile device. Though a common online casino prefers to fill in its lobby prevalently with slots, UK players will enjoy many interesting roulette variations in the casinos reviewed on this website.

Roulette online has preserved all the features that are adored by loyal devotees of traditional roulette: Classic bet patterns, affordable bet sizes and the general look and feel. Moreover, there are at least two essential advantages of online roulette over its land-based sister: first, a player sitting in front of a computer or using a mobile device can set the individually comfortable pace of play. There are no croupiers to conduct the game and declare “No more bets” and the player can devote himself to roulette at any time, make pauses and come round to the game whenever wanted.

Online roulette basics for UK players

A curious reader might have already guessed there are three main types of online roulette similarly with land-based casinos. In every game, a table, wheel and other elements are displayed from above, as if a player looks at the table whilst sitting. There is a couple of buttons for controlling a bet size, commanding the game to begin a round, clearing a previous bet, opening rules and other buttons. Each table has a pre-set range of bet limits which are usually printed on the table or found on a dedicated page inside the game. These play limits are normally focused on a common player and start at £1. Some providers build special high roller tables with bets in excess of £1000 (or in bitcoin equivalent).

A standard UK online casino roulette has a digitally recreated table with a grid marked with numbers and bet areas. Some variations also have a racetrack for “call bets” (or “announced bets”). Each space on the table grid is clickable and is used for placing chips.

Rectangular areas outside the numbered space are known as outside bets (by the way, novices are advised to stick to outside bets because they bear the highest winning chances). Bets like 1-18, Even, Red/Black (6 bets in total) are usually called simple chance or even-money wagers because payouts for them are 1 to 1, so a player receives the wagered money back plus gets the identical award, if won. The beauty of any roulette, not necessarily online variations, is great flexibility in how one can bet. For example, a player may put a few chips on Red, a couple of chips on Odd and one chip on a single number. This variability adds thrills to the play and enables roulette fans to increase their winning expectations.

Online casino roulette types in brief

Two roulette types (European, French) have one zero space each and American roulette comes with two zero pockets (0, 00). Presence of these notorious areas, which are hated by all players, provide a certain house edge (casino profits). The implication from this is evident: European roulette is more beneficial for players. If to calculate player’s advantage for both roulette versions, it would be 2.7% for the single-zero and 5.24% for the double-zero roulette. What it means in terms of real money is that a player will lose £2.7 on every £100 wagered in European roulette. This is a mere mathematical model and sure it can vary widely but the more rounds a specific player will have made in roulette, the closer the results approximate to the said values.

There are also many insignificant differences between the three versions. They do not affect or affect very slightly the overall gaming process on desktop or in a mobile casino. For example, the sequence of numbers in the American roulette wheel is different from this on the other two types.

Besides, all French tables and some European versions have a big bet area in the shape of a racetrack and is named exactly like that. Racetracks are designed for four kinds of bets that are based on the proximity of numbers that they cover, on the wheel. There is no any special reason to prioritise “call bets” over others. They are just made for diversity.

French roulette differs from the others in design. It has the same concept of determining winning odds, the same payouts as European roulette and almost the same layout. These minor distinctions relate to French names of bets applied on certain parts of the table. In many other respects, all the three types of roulette are very similar in how they look. Certainly, the principal difference consists in winning odds offered by versions with one and two zero slots.

Knowing potential winnings in UK online roulette

The highest amount one can win as a result of a single wheel spin depends table limits of a specific game. Experience has shown that the max bet on a single number is an average of £200 so winning a Straight Up bet at the maximum acceptable amount, you will receive £200 x 35 = £7000. This is not the top win which is theoretically possible in roulette online. Some VIP tables are able to pay off way more.

The cash amount, which is payable to the player if the ball lands on the number covered by the bet, arises from the bet type. At the bottom of the payout list there are Even-money bets which are overviewed above (red/black, etc.). They are the least risky and award 1:1. Next are Columns and Dozens (2:1) that cover 12 numbers each.

Inside bet patterns, which involve only single numbers and sets of numbers, pay out higher: Corner (8:1), Street (11:1), Split (17:1) and so on. The max payout is 35:1 for betting on and guessing successfully a single number.

Unstandard variations of online casino roulette

Though 35:1 is the best possible win that a player from the United Kingdom may count on, some games have one-of-a-kind additions to the classic play that extend functionality and rules of the traditional roulette. And some of these unconventional variations offer better winning opportunities.

There is Chinese Roulette from 1×2 Gaming that offers a dramatically different but somewhat similar experience to what a roulette fan would expect to get. Instead of numbers, Chinese Roulette uses signs of zodiac, seasonal bonus icons and elements. The best payout is also 35:1, like in a traditional roulette.

Multi Wheel Roulette from Microgaming is for those who feel spinning one wheel is not enough. Here they have 8. Having a normal European kind of table, the game has eight replicated wheels that begin to spin simultaneously but produce different outcomes. Therefore, a UK player will always have different results and win/lose ratios across the eight wheels.

There is also a progressive roulette from Microgaming. It features a forced side bet of £1 that feeds the jackpot. It is won very rarely because the conditions for doing so are close to impossible (though they are not improbable): The jackpot is collected by a lucky one for landing five of the same numbers for 5 times successively.

The best online roulette providers in the United Kingdom

Almost every major company that produces and supplies online casino games also has a suite of roulette games. It should be noted though that roulette is never the point of interest for game companies (their key focus is always on online slots), so one should not expect mind-blowing game collections. Some of the most notable roulette tables are produced by Playtech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment and Play’n’Go.

The place of strategies in roulette online

Almost every player wants to augment considerably their bankroll when playing roulette for real money. Some rely on intuition and luck, whilst others apply classic strategies coined many years ago. Their efficiency raises questions, especially when used over an extended gaming session. Nevertheless, strategies can be of help if implemented properly, carefully and with full understanding of their essence. Some tips and winning strategies are reviewed on this website.