Best Online Craps UK

Every online casino has just a handful of craps games because its popularity lags behind blackjack, quite apart from slots. However, some players from the United Kingdom love this dice game that amalgamates the element of luck and skills. Craps odds are deemed to be very good and reach 30:1 in some bets. As for house edge, it also varies dramatically between zero and 16.67% for Any Seven. This variety in casino advantage enables one to apply flexible betting patterns and mix different bet options within a single paid round. Real money craps gambling tends to require the minimum bet of £1 per round. If you pick a bitcoin casino from our top list of online casinos on this website, then you may choose to play with bitcoins if needed.

Short guide to craps rules

Players should relax looking at the table grid for the first time as it does look overcomplicated. In fact, everything is easy to understand how to play. All marked fields with figures and words on the table denote bet types that a player may embrace at different stages of playing casino craps. Each round consists of two parts. At the onset of the first part of online craps, a player is required to place a real money Pass or Don’t Pass bet, which are the only options available at the first phase. Jumping ahead a bit, either bet is very good as the house edge on them is just 1.35% and 1.41%, accordingly (though both have even payouts, 1:1).

As soon as a bet is placed, a player should click a designated button to have two dice rolled. They can produce any outcome between 2 through 12 when stopped. A pass bet wins if 7 or 11 is hit. Similarly, a don’t pass wins if 2, 3 or 12 lands. If either is true, the first round ends and no second round starts. If any outcome is produced (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10), the casino craps evolves to the second round and a player is entitled to place more bets (the previously wagered pass or don’t pass will still be on the table).

The number rolled in the first part of the casino craps round is set as a “point number”. The simplest option then is to wager on Come or Don’t Come. Alternatively, a player is allowed to stay with the previously wagered pass or don’t pass bets and wait for them to be resolved during the game session. A pass bet finally wins if the established point number is thrown before 7, and a don’t pass bet wins in case 7 is hit first. Concerning come/don’t come bets, they are identical in payouts and effect to the first mentioned bets.

Rules of craps explained: Good and bad bets

As is said in the introductory clauses above, casino craps as well as craps payouts vary widely and so do player’s edge. Good bets in craps online are those that have a low house edge. On the contrary, bad bets offer unacceptable edge. The bets explored above are good because of a massive player advantage in any online craps game. Other good bets are:

  • Place 6 and 8. This is a multi-roll bet that wins if the selected number is rolled before a 7. This option has a craps payout of 7:6 and a house edge of 1.52%. Other Place bets should be avoided
  • Taking or Laying Odds. If available on the picked craps game, odds carry no house edge at all and they always work in player’s favour so everyone is recommended to consider them as a viable betting option.

Actually, the list of proper bets is exhaustive. Bets with moderate or high house edges prevail in casino craps and players should stay clear of them, especially when betting real money. Some bets seem lucrative on the face of it but they are utterly worthless. As an example, Any 7 has a seemingly nice craps payout of 4:1 but the probability of winning it is 16.67%, which translates into a poor edge of 16.67%. Another bad option when you play craps is Any Craps. It wins if the next roll shows 2, 3 or 12 and a real probability of this to occur is 11.11%. Though it has a worthy 7:1 payout, high chances are you will lose on that bet over a long haul. So the best way to try to beat the house is to study which bets are good and which are inadequate.

Online craps bonuses for UK players

Some online casinos featured on this website do offer a handful of deposit and other bonuses on their craps games. They are of infrequent occurrence so players should check back related casino pages for new craps promotions. Some mobile casinos also carry a few craps-targeted bonuses for players from the United Kingdom.